Volkswagen Arteon R Line AT Class L


Minimum driver's age: 26 years old
Automatic Gearbox
Luxury car
5 Seats
2 Big Suitcases
3 Small Suitcases
Air Conditioner
Starting From per Day: 53.00

Select the Dates for Pick Up and Drop Off

Rent a car services

Why using Rent a car services?

Speed, freedom, and comfort – these are the words that probably provide the most accurate description of the “Rent a Car” services from a customer’s perspective –  that’s why they are extensively used among both corporate and individual clients nowadays. The “Rent a Car” service will suit you perfectly when you want to get to the office faster in the morning, when you are organizing a personal celebration, or initiating a business trip. Most “Rent a Car” agencies are incredibly flexible and can successfully adapt their services to the specific requirements of every client.

Rent a Car 1
“Rent a Car” agencies

The “Rent a Car” service is quite handy for people working in Sofia and other major cities such as Plovdiv, Varna, and Bourgas. It is a faster and more convenient way to get to the office than using public transportation, for example. By relying on a chosen “Rent a Car” service provider, one has the opportunity to avoid one-hour (and even longer) trips, changing several buses, waiting at bus stops, and many other unpleasant experiences. In addition, the risk of being late for an important business meeting or other arrangements can be more or less minimized once you decide to rent a car.

Speaking of business meetings, a carefully chosen “Rent a Car” service can help you get the most out of your first introduction to valuable customers and business partners. Reputable “Rent a Car” agencies will offer you an auto park that consists of the best models on the market – models that will make you look “fancy” and guarantee an excellent first impression. Please do not underestimate the influence of this first impression, because it may provide a notable enhancement to your efforts to make a good bargain or build a stable partnership over time.

Trusting a “Rent a Car” service is also a great alternative when going on a holiday or a vacation. Traveling with your private vehicle may cause some inconveniences and generate needless stress during your relaxation days. Searching for places to park, as well as concerns related to potential theft, are just a tiny part of these concerns. “Rent a Car” agencies will help you leave the worries behind and enjoy the vacation you deserve.

Bothering about the fact that “Rent a Car” services will be too much of a burden for your personal or business budget is entirely wrong – in fact, it can actually result in cost savings. If you own an old vehicle, it probably consumes large amounts of fuel, that can cost a fortune. Most “Rent a Car” agencies will offer you the latest car models on the market, which, in addition to being faster and more convenient, are also significantly more economical. Also, every respectable “Rent a Car” company is presumed to bear the full maintenance cost of its vehicles.

Rent a Car 2
“Rent a Car” service

Car 1 “Rent a car” services – major advantages

Car 1 is one of the leading “Rent a car” companies in the Bulgarian market. We can provide you with short and long-term “Rent a car” services and offer the best value for your money, along with many additional extras. Here are the main benefits you will get trusting Car 1 to be your devoted  “Rent a car” partner.

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Long experience and excellent reputation

Car 1 has over 15 years of experience in the “Rent a car” and operating leasing niche. We are proud of our excellent reputation among both individual and corporate clients who have used our “Rent a car” service over time. You can easily browse through our website to find numerous reviews and recommendations from real customers that will convince you that Car 1 is the best possible “Rent a car” service provider in Bulgaria.

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: High quality

We maintain an auto park of over 500 new vehicles for our “Rent a car” service in Bulgaria. All of them are of reputable brands, such as Toyota, Renault, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and others. Choosing the “Rent a car” services of Car 1 will guarantee a safe and reliable journey for you and your fellow travelers.

Rent a Car 3
Safe and reliable journey with “Rent a car” services

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Good coverage

Car 1 offers superior coverage for its “Rent a car” service in Bulgaria. Our offices are located in four of the biggest cities in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas) as well as the Bansko tourist destination. Our company also provides “Rent a car” services at the leading airports and resorts in the country during the summer and winter months.

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Affordable prices

In addition to high quality, we will also provide you with “Rent a car” services at affordable rates. Depending on your needs and financial requirements, you can choose between more costly or more moderately-priced “Rent a car” vehicle models. We offer significant discounts for regular clients, and our contracts do not include the hidden fees and additional limitations commonly found in the industry.

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Extra features 

Extra Features are another benefit of choosing to trust the “Rent a car” services of Car 1. Our car rental rates include items such as winter tires and a vignette. Many of our “Rent a car” vehicles are also supplied with modern music systems that will connect with your smartphone, tablet, and other portable devices. And last but not least, you can rent a car with a professional driver at your disposal within 8 hours. Car 1 rent a car drivers are highly qualified and experienced in luxury travel – they know how to navigate a comfortable journey, regardless of the distance and the final destination.

Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Professional attitude

You can always reach out to the team of Car 1 for matters concerning the “Rent a car” service of the company. We offer professional advice on choosing the proper vehicle for your necessities, as well as 24/7 maintenance and travel assistance.

Car 1 – for your relaxed, safe, and comfortable “Rent a car” journey!

Why using Rent a car services?
Car 1 “Rent a car” services – major advantages
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Long experience and excellent reputation
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: High quality
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Good coverage
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Affordable prices
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Extra features
Car 1 “Rent a car” services: Professional attitude